Tips on Improving your Shooting



Tips on Improving your Shooting

‘The best shots, like high achievers in any sport, are at one with their equipment and there is a smoothness to their actions.’

To improve, the following may help:

Wear your rig

Wear your rig around the house when you can.

  • Make sure it is adjusted to your needs.
  • Get used to wearing it until it feels like it belongs.

Drawing Practice

The majority of IPSC Shooting will be starting with a draw from your holster.

  • Start by drawing and coming on aim, finger in the ‘ready’ position
  • DO NOT use a timer – aim to get as smooth and natural as you can
  • Only when you can bring the gun on aim every time introduce a timing element
  • DO NOT repeatedly pull the trigger unless a Dry Firing adapter is fitted
  • Don’t be afraid to make slight adjustments as you learn

Mirror Practice

  • Conduct all your practice in front of a mirror some of the time
  • Watch yourself – any unusual or jerky unnatural movements will be obvious

Check Equipment regularly

Carry out basic maintenance

  • Check action of springs etc
  • Magazines – if stored keep gassed, less than half full BBs

On Shoot Days (Even Practice Days)

Prepare your kit meticulously

  • Light Oiling of Gun (in appropriate places only)
  • Magazines prepared – loaded and checked
  • Be on time – which means being early
  • Take every second to walk the stages – confirm your plan
  • Don’t be swayed by others making different choices
  • Watch shooters before you for any flaws in your plan
  • Patch Patch Patch – this is extra time studying the layout
  • 2 Shooters before your turn start preparing
  • Study the Matchbook (if available) – stages are much less scary if you know them
  • Study the best Shooting Positions for the Stage.You will have worked this out from the Matchbook but confirm with your walk through that this is the case is practice.
  • Plan your reloads. With the adrenalin rush and other distractions counting your shots becomes extremely difficult.  You do not want to risk having an empty gun.  If you plan your stage correctly, you will know where your reload points are. 
  • Never reload standing still if this can be avoided – reloading when moving between firing points takes up no time.

Have Back Up Equipment

Our sport is sadly plagued with equipment failures.Magazines that are too cold, or too hot, or for a variety of reasons, have a habit of failing.

Always carry one more magazine than you need.

Have a spare gun available wherever possible – ideally as close as possible to your main gun – but MUST be in the same Class.
As stated above we face multiple issues with equipment failures and having a backup can save your whole match.


Last but by no means least, even the smallest amount of exercise can help your shooting.
Obviously, when trying to cover a stage as fast as possible, being able to do so without being totally out of breath or struggling will help.

It is said that Yoga and Pilates can also help – strengthening your core and aiding with poise and balance.


Whatever your level, and commitment, these hints and tips will hopefully let you enjoy your shooting even more and get the most out of this most exciting sport.