About Us

Armoury Action Air is a club affiliated to the United Kingdom Practical Shooting Association, and dedicated to furthering the sport of Action Air Shooting.


At Armoury Action Air we shoot Action Air Practical Pistol, using a range of Airsoft Pistols, many of which have been adapted to ensure accuracy and improved performance.  This is an exciting dynamic form of shooting, requiring tactical awareness, speed and accuracy.  Targets are engaged from various positions, such as from a seated position, from behind cover, through apertures such as windows, and using both strong and weak hands.


We also shoot 3 Gun, using the same Airsoft Pistols, and adding in Gas Operated Pump Action Airsoft Shotguns, and both Gas and Battery Powered Airsoft Rifles.


A great advantage with these disciplines is that they can be shot indoors, with many clubs using village halls, sports clubs and similar venues.


We cater for all people no matter what their level of experience.  Full support, training and hire equipment is always available on site, and support and coaching, from Beginner to advanced, is available from our team.


Our current shooters range from 9 to 83.  Members travel to many events around the UK, and even into Europe, where we send a team to the Dutch Open Championships each November.


Shooters must be over 9 years of age.


9 -16 year olds must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times, be signed in/out of the range by a parent/guardian and everyone must adhere to all club rules whilst at the range.


On your first visit you will be given a full induction and introduction to the range, regardless of previous shooting experience.


For most of our shooting we follow the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) styles and rules of shooting.
IPSC shooting is dynamic, challenging, and one of the fastest growing shooting sports in the world today. Courses of fire utilise many aspects not found in the more traditional shooting disciplines such as movement by the shooter, moving targets, multiple targets, and the freedom for the shooter to solve the shooting challenges presented in the courses of fire.
The appeal of the sport lies in the diversity of the courses of fire available to the shooter. By offering different courses of fire rather than set types, IPSC shooting continues to challenge the competitor and to improve his skills. There are continually new demands to challenge the IPSC shooting enthusiast.
IPSC Practical shooting is a sport where you aim to achieve the best time versus the highest accuracy, measured against your fellow shooters, but in reality you shoot against yourself, aiming to constantly improve your time and scores by developing your technique.  Stages can be made up of static, moving and reactive target types which the competitor is required to engage in a set manner.


The sport is run with the highest possible standards of safety.  All shooters are accompanied by a Range Officer whilst shooting, who will ensure the correct procedures are followed, record the timings and ensure safety at all times.