AAA @ Hartlebury


The Club has now settled back into our Hartlebury home, and shoots are held twice monthly.


We have run several shoots, hopefully giving members some challenging but fun stages.


We shoot mainly IPSC, but also run IDPA, IPAS and AttackSense based shoots.


5 members attended a 1 day Safety Course, covering not only safety aspects but tips on improving their shooting techniques.


On Club Shoot days Range crews set up the Hall from 1200, with shooting starting at 1300.


We complete 6 Stages at each shoot, and we usually finish around 1700 to 1800.


Shooting has to cease by 1900 latest, giving us 1 hour to break down the stages and clean the hall.


We are planning some fun, interesting and challenging stages for 2022.


If you want any more information, or have any questions, email us at: