Action Air Practical Pistol Shooting


Open Division

Open has very few restrictions on the handgun and equipment positioning.

It is the only division where Optical Sights and Compensators are permitted.

The maximum magazine length is 170mm, and can have up to 28 rounds capacity.


Standard Division

In Standard, the Handgun has to fit inside the ‘IPSC Box’, and there are restrictions on placement of holster and magazine pouches.

Magazines must not extend more than 20mm below the lowest point of the magazine well when inserted, and can have up to 18 rounds capacity.


Production Division

The Handgun must be unmodified and be listed on the IPSC Production Division List.

Maximum barrel length is 127mm, and maximum magazine capacity is 15 rounds


Classic Division

The Handgun has to be a 1911 type, fit inside the ‘IPSC Box’ and have a maximum capacity of 10 rounds.


Here are some of the Guns used in AIPSC Practical Pistol Shooting


Standard ‘out of the box’ TM Hi Capa – the base for many of the Action Air Pistols used