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TacTrainers FALLING PLATE 12 CM with Heavy Base for Action Air


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Airsoft Steel – to simulate shooting steel in IPSC competitions.

Desinged to simulate the falling plates used in IPSC, this target is a sub-scale version of the Live-Fire 8 inch (20.3cm) Falling Plate. (12cm Diameter Plate)

The heavier base makes it ideal for outdoor or indoor use or temporary setups where it can be secured permanently with a clamp or screw. Fully adjustable for calibration and uneven surface mounting.

These plates fall when hit, perfect for a shoot-off stop plate or Action Air competition where the plate has to fall to score.

Shooting this target at 10 feet (3 metres) will look and feel like shoting the full sized version at 5 yards (approx 4.6 metres)

This is a set consisting of a 4 inch heavy duty base and a falling plate.