Exciting News – and Plans for 2019


Armoury Action Air have had 2 great years at Ombersley Memorial Hall, where we have seen a growth in the numbers of shooters attending, as well as developing our equipment to offer more complex and challenging courses of fire.  Our current regular shooters range from 9 to 83, with a good mix of male and female shooters.


The club now has multiple Target Stands that can be used to arrange IPSC type stages.  We also have a full set of Steel Targets and can run the Steel Challenge type shoots.  We have a Polish Plate Rack, multiple moving targets, a full range of poppers, and our recent edition – ‘Dawn’s Door’.


We have several hire guns, including both TM and AW Hi Capa Variants and Glocks.  We also several Shotguns, both spring and Gas Operated, and a range of rifle type weapons, including a Sterling Sub Machine Gun, British SLR type rifle and 3 M4 variants.  With these we can offer a challenging 2 or 3 gun course of fire – to offer something different to the standard pistol type of shooting.


We have entered teams in several external competitions, including the ‘Madders Cup’, the Steel Challenge, a UKPSA Level 3 and in November sending 9 shooters to the Dutch Open in Holland.  We have also entered many shooters in the UKPSA Action Air Postal Competitions, where we have fared extremely well.  We are hoping to build on this for 2019


For 2019 we have been extremely fortunate in being able to add dates at a new, larger venue – Hartlebury Parish Hall.  This hall offers us a longer and wider area to set up our stages, and we are looking forward to devising some intricate and challenging courses of fire.


We look forward to welcoming our current – and new members – to Hartlebury in January – shoot dates can be found here.


We welcome people to come and try this exciting sport, and all equipment as well as full training are offered, so no previous experience necessary.