Corporate Day – Team Building November 2018



Armoury Action Air have been asked to put on some Corporate Team Building events over the years.


The most recent day was for a Healthcare Company, who wanted something different for their UK Sales Team to give them a challenge that was also fun and enjoyable.


On Tuesday 13th November we set up an extended course of fire in a hotel large meeting room, that would utilise a 3 Gun approach, using a Gas Shotgun, M4 AEG and a Hi Capa Pistol.


Full safety equipment was also provided, and extra precautions taken to ensure that no damage was caused to the hotel meeting room.


The teams of 9 had to start on the buzzer, knock down a series of poppers using the shotgun, replace it safely before moving some distance to collect the M4 and engage 5 IPSC Targets with 2 rounds each, then knock down a popper.  Leaving the M4 safely on a table they had to return to the initial start position, pick up the Hi Capa and magazine, load and engage multiple IPSC targets.  The addition of some carefully sited ‘No Shoot’ penalty targets added to the complexity of the challenge.


In total some 28 people in 3 teams completed the course of fire – and their competitive nature was very much brought to the fore as they encouraged their team mates to the best score they could manage.


There were some surprises, with people expected to do well struggling, and some who didn’t believe they would do well achieving excellent scores.


The event was a great success, and delivered exactly what was required for the organisation in providing a great team challenge.


Prizes were awarded to the winning team, along with 1st 2nd and 3rd individual places, recognising that these contributed to their overall team success.  There was even a ‘special prize’ for a lady who had been extremely doubtful of her ability to compete, but actually performed extremely well.


The event was a talking point for the rest of their sales conference, and the company was extremely pleased with the results.


These corporate days can be organised for other companies, all that is needed is the space, a minimum of around 12 people, and a desire to have some safe fun!