About the shop

Why we love what we do!


At Armoury Action Air we are dedicated to the sport of Action Air Practical Pistol Shooting.

When we tried to establish our range we came across many issues, such as the cost of a suitable ‘race gun’, availability of targets, equipment and all round kit for the up and coming shooter who had a limited budget.

We came across the Armourer Works range of guns and were immediately impressed. Out of the box they have metal slides, fibre optic sights, magwells and uprated internals that give them the look and feel of a serious race gun – which of course they are.​

We tested a range of models extensively, and took the decision to recommend these impressive guns to our members.  We also use AW guns within our hire kit as they are so reliable.


If you have a suitable VCR defence and would like to acquire an AW Pistol through us please email us at enquiries@armouryactionair.co.uk


The same for TacTrainers Targets. Here is a company producing very high quality targets that are ideal for both practice and competition in Action Air. Only issue is they are in the USA!!!

A few conversations and emails later and we now import a range of these targets into the UK. They are hard wearing and give a great option for target setting in your course of fire stages.  We use them in our club shoots and can obtain them to sell if required.