AAA Club Champion – 2019



We will be running a ‘Club Championship’ competition throughout 2019.


The competition will measure shooters on their HIT FACTOR from their top 12 STAGES at Hartlebury during 2019, maximum of 1 stage to count from each Club Shoot.


We have 24 shoots dates booked during 2019, plus some external shoots,  and each of these will hopefully comprise of a minimum of 4 Stages.  If you attend every shoot you will have around 100 stages to pick from.  Even if you can’t make all of the shoots you should have no problem in submitting scores from 12 stages.


To give everyone a chance, your Hit Factor will be combined with a Handicap Score taken from your overall place from the shoots that include your top 12 stages.  The Handicap Score and your Hit Factor from your best stage on that day will form your overall score, and the person with the highest score at the end of the Year will be Club Champion.


There will be Club Champions trophies awarded in the following categories:

Regular, Senior & Super Senior combined, Lady, and Junior – subject to a minimum number of entries in each category.


Scores will be taken from every shoot you attend at the club, or representing the club wearing a Club Shirt.  Once you have more than 12 stages the lowest score will be dropped if you achieve better scores on subsequent Club Shoots.


We will give updates throughout the year to let everyone know how things are going


Remember – Shoot Fast – Don’t Miss! – Speed is nothing without control.