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First Thursday Shoot of 2018

On Thursday 25th January we have our first Thursday Club Shoot of 2018.   We intend to practice some more IPAS stages as they went down really well at the last shoot, and are great for practising so many areas- drawing, target acquisition and – surprisingly – even though there are only 5 Targets (including the STOP Plate) – tactical planning is still needed.   If time and space permit we will also run a couple of IPSC style stages so that people get a choice of what to shoot.   Watch this space !

First shoot of the New Year 2018

Sunday 7th January We had our first shoot of the year today – 12 shooters – which included 4 ladies – attended to shake off the Christmas cobwebs. We ran 2 long stages to test the reloading – and the memory! – then we followed that with 3 IPAS stages with our new target system. Some good scores in both events and everyone had good and not so good parts – which is great for learning and development. The IPAS shooting in particular went well, and it was really good to see people improving over the 3 stages. Think this…