Hartlebury Build 2

On Saturday 12th January Dawn, Andy & GC had a marathon 8-hour session to make final arrangements for the inaugural AAA Hartlebury shoot on 13 January.

The trusty De Walt Nail Gun saw some more action, along with its baby sibling the De Walt Heavy Duty Stapler!
Finishing off the Back Stops and making the screens was the main job, which was completed by early afternoon, leaving time to check out the safety cover for the huge Hartlebury picture on the wall.  Amazing how a super king duvet is just the right size!
So we now have 10 back stops, 10 screens and fittings to add extra protection if needed, a cover for the wall hanging and a much better idea how things are going to come together.
We have signs for the entrance door – which is at the rear of the building, the Safety Zone, the main range and for the double doors which can’t be used during the shoot.
So, we are as ready as we can be for our big day.  We have no doubt we will face many other challenges on the day, will have forgotten to do things, and some issues we will not even have thought of – but we are ready for the challenge – so bring it on!
Thanks to all who have made this possible. Extra thanks to Guy De Becker for his advice and patience in helping to source materials for the screens – I think they look amazing and the material is perfect for the job.
We hope to have a great turn out – and are looking forward to 6 challenging stages on the day – and finish off with our traditional Person v Person.
Watch this space for a follow up report …….