Hartlebury Build 1



On 22 December Dawn Andy & GC were at Hartlebury to start some building ready for our first shoot there in January.


We built some screens for backdrops using wooden frames with double heavy-duty tarpaulins and filler to ensure no BBs can get through.


Thank you Dawn for bringing along loads of spare material. Thanks also to Milton who made the support corners for the screens.


The De Walt Nail Gun was a great help in the build – always wanted one now have an excuse to have it.


Got a lot done but will need another session to make sure we are ready to go in January. We need to build more screens for backdrops and to use to set courses of fire.


We also needed to come up with an innovative solution to protect the huge wall hanging with its Perspex cover (seen in the photos) – so onto Amazon to order super king-sized quilt and hangers – job done. Really looking forward to our first shoot here – hoping to make it a memorable one.


Big Thanks to Dawn and Andy who worked so hard to get these ready – looking oh so good.

Prepping the Frames for the Back Stops
The De Walt Nail Gun really helped with the Frame Build